Saturday, April 18, 2009

Salvation recipe- the best recipe you will ever find!

I finally was able to sit down and go through a cookbook I purchased. I found something that I would like to share with everyone. The person who put it there said He tried this 6 years ago and hasn't gotten over it. I tried it 2 years ago and its the best I've ever had!!

Salvation Saturation

This is a recipe that almost all ingredients want cost you a dime. However, someone has paid the price for you to receive it. In order to make Salvation Saturation you must find a person who is lost in their sin. Once that is located, the ingredients are as follows:
1 Lost Sinner
1 large Dose of Conviction
1 Gracious God (Provided free of charge)
1 Large Glass of Repentance
1 large Heaping of Godly Sorrow
1 Willing Savior (Provided)
1 Huge Portion of Grace
1 Bloody Cross (Provided by the Savior)
1 New Creature
1 Holy Spirit
Once you have all the ingredients the 1 large dose of conviction will be sent by the Holy Spirit. It will begin to stir in the heart of the lost sinner. 1 large heaping of Godly sorrow will make him see himself the way God sees him. The 1 gracious God has already provided the 1 willing Savior and together the 2 have made the way for large portion of grace and 1 heaping of mercy that was shed on the 1 bloody cross. Once these ingredients have settled in the heart of the 1 lost sinner then the 1 large glass of repentance will be poured into the 1 lost sinner which will produce a beautiful new creature. After new creation is produced- praise God!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing!! Definitely the best recipe I've seen!! :D Have a really blessed weekend!

Anonymous said...

Could you possibly tell me what cookbook you got this from? I am starting a baking blog and certainly want to post a "recipe for salvation" along with all my cake recipes. Thanks! Jenifer L. (jnsluce@AT&

Jennifer said...

I got it out of my church's cookbook. You are more than welcome to use it. Please share with others! I tried to use the email address you added and it would not send. I will try again soon!