Tuesday, April 14, 2009

God is speaking but are you listening?

Everyday is a battle for all of us. When we turn on the news, how much is good news? Throughout the day you hear people talk about all the problems they have. You want to feel sorry for them but then from deep inside you want to ask "Have you prayed about it? Have you asked for help from God?"
A lot of people get so caught up in themselves and the world around them they don't listen when God speaks. You ask for an answer and He gives it to you. I was reading a post of a friend called "The Set Apart Life" which was an awesome post. God wants us to have a set apart life for Him. A life that is separate from the world...being what God wants us to be. As for me, I was never born to fit in - I was born to stand out. I don't want to be like the others. God made me beautiful and he made me in His image. He made all of us in His image. He made me to be a follower for Him and Jesus Christ. The next time you stand in the mirror and you are all into yourself..think! It's not about you...It's about God. Don't be boastful! (read my last post if you need reference). When your pride takes over- really hate to tell you it doesn't make you look pretty! Pride throws up a wall between God and us and rejects His help and guidance I have asked some people why they go to church and not one said for worship or fellowship and sure didn't say to have a relationship with God. Church is not a place to look cute and to have a social status. If that is what you go for then you have it all wrong! Church is about praising God, worshipping and fellowship among other things that are For God. You have heard the saying "take time to smell the flowers" Well..take time to talk with God..get the set apart life for Him. When God speaks..stop your complaining and listen! You got through things for a reason and maybe its God way of saying...HELLO!!! Let go of yourself and the world..and get God. In no way am I saying I am perfect, I have temptations and I have fought them, we all have had our share. I want that set apart life for Christ.

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