Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Beginnings

A wonderful sister in Christ wrote this and I had to post it. Its' beautifully well put! We have so much we need to be thankful for. I thank her for letting me share it with those who visit my page. God bless you all!!

During my quite time a few days ago...this thought came to my mind. "Why not let Easter be a New Beginning?"

People usually think of New Beginnings when the New Year rolls around. They rush about making a list of what they are going to change and/or what they are going to get rid of, to make a "Better Me" in the new year! Why is January 1st choosen as a start of a new you? Because it starts a new year? Doesn't Easter seem more appropriate? Jesus lived and died as a Human being, obeying His Fathers will to give all those who accepted, a new life through His son.
What better day then Easter to crucify your own flesh, by giving up the "old you" and surrendering your all to the Lord Almighty and starting a new life in Christ as He did for us on Easter?
What an awesome tradition to fast, pray and really dwell deeper into the Word on Good Friday and Saturdaythen arise on Easter morning, A new creation in Christ!!!
God Bless you all
Veneldia J Hummel

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