Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rainy Days....

Since Friday is has been raining. Not that I am complaining. Sometimes I love to see the rain fall. When its cold and rainy out there is nothing like a good movie or book, a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate. I love during the summer when it pours down and the sun is shining. Beautiful! No matter the weather I praise God. I am thankful that I am able to feel the raindrops on my skin and here the rain beating down on the roof.
I am working on a new project- sewing curtains for my room. last year I painted my room this awful pink color- Pink Sky as Ralph Lauren calls it...well let's just say it gets old QUICK!! I am going to paint it Oatmeal- a nice beige color that will allow anything to go with it. Wish me luck!
Tonight they had movie/game night at church for the kids. Zach loved it. I am glad there is somewhere he can go that is positive. He has made new friends there and loves going. God is good- All the time!

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Curly Q. Freckles said...

Oatmeal is a good color. Can't wait to see pics!