Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dinner with the girls..

I haven't been out with a group in a long time and tonight I had the chance to join in with some of my church family to enjoy some Grinder's! We had soooo much fun! So stuffed! So ready for bed...Its very nice to go out with positive people. That is what I need in my life- Positive people! I don't need all this drama..tending to my business stuff. I do have something to say..I think God may be answering a prayer of mine...I will not tell til I know for sure...Sorry this is between me and God right now...(lips are sealed).


Alison said...

I know what you are up to! You can't fool me! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Curly Q. Freckles said...

Well, whatever it is - I hope it works out for you.

Jennifer Hunter said...

Its nothing...just praying. You both know how I am..