Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Queen Bee

Well as most of you know I am looking into becoming a beekeeper. A friend of mine gave me a contact number of a local beekeeper which I am going to call soon. I also got a few contacts and info from other friends. I am very excited!! I am going to sign up for classes and hopefully get started right away. I think this will be a fun and rewarding hobby. Who knows where it will go...Lord, if this is your will..I will follow..


Jennifer Hunter said...

W I was talking to someone at church about becoming a beekeeper and they gave me the names and numbers of a lot of people. My friend gave the info on Lancaster's orginal bee whisperer! YES! I said that! I even had someone to tell me they would help me build the hive cases. God is good! All the time! Bee happy- always!

Jenifer said...

Bee-careful!! Haha! I couldn't resist. :) That would definitely be an interesting profession.

Thanks for visiting By His Grace. We love making new friends. Hope you will come again soon!

Bee Blessed! :)

Curly Q. Freckles said...

2 words = honey biscuits!

Jennifer Hunter said...

Yes ma'am!!!! Surprisingly, I have got a lot of support with this. I am thinking about going to the library to get books on it. Get me a notebook and write notes. I dont think there are any classes coming up anytime soon but I sure am looking out for them