Sunday, February 1, 2009

A work in progress.....

Today marked a new chapter in my life. I was Baptized today at Pleasant Dale Baptist Church by Pastor Jessie Adams. It was a beautiful day. We had 8 people dressed in white robes to be Baptized. Beautiful! Jessie said something so nice about everyone before being "dunked" I could not help but to cry. So many witnessed along with my family and friends of this special moment in my life. God is good! All the time! Without Him I am nothing. The first thing my son, Zachary said to me afterwards was " Momma I love you! You are the best mom in the world!". I am so blessed to have a son like him. Thank you, God! I am also blessed to have such wonderful friends and family. Of course I am blessed to have those who thought about me today that couldnt be there. I love you all!!! I am a work in progress. I walk in the light of God and I choose no other path.
This is what I learned today in Sunday school: 1 Thess. 5:16-22
16) Rejoice always!
17) Pray constantly
18) Give thanks in everything, for this God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
19) Don't stifle the Spirit
20) Don't despise prophecies
21) but test all things, Hold on to what is good.
22) Stay away from every form of evil.
I have found since I have God in my soul things are looking a lot better for me. This doesnt mean I will never have trials and tribulations but God is there to help me. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. My eyes have become open to you, Lord. You are the only way. I thank you, Lord for all the things you have given me and all the things to come. To God be the Glory, Honor, and Praise! Amen! Today in memory of my lost child, I wore a silver charm bracelet with an angel on it which was given to me by the baby's father. Someday I will see you my child and I will hold you in my arms. My dear friend Lynn gave me the book "The Secret". I cannot wait to start reading it tonight. I love the candle- it has my name on it and it says Jennifer- hides her feelings towards others; builds relationships that last. I hope our friendship continues to grow!! Thank you for all the gifts!!! Love you!! And ummmm I didnt think about you in a leopard print thong riding a pony as I was under water....LOL

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Now that was a thought. You're welcome! We'll try to get together this weekend for a possible double date.