Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back to Basics

I decided to get rid of the blond/red hair and go back to the natural brown I had before. much better! Thinking about getting it cut some. I am back working out trying to get more pounds off. I am down another 2 pants size...YAY!!! Last month was hard with all the heartache and so forth but guess what....I'm BACK! You can't keep me down for long baby! ;) I have got some of the girls in the hood walking when weather permits and boy, does it feel good. My church has its own gym that we are able to go to and work out. God does want us to take care of our bodies and minds. I did start back my belly dancing and my "dance"workout which I must works every muscle in the body. Here's to good health and to God for helping me! Amen!

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