Monday, August 10, 2009

Nobody is perfect.....BUT!!!

Over the past few days I have seen things that really make me shake my head. The title of this blog says it all. Nobody is perfect when it comes to blocking out sin BUT!! The question I ask is if you know it is wrong and you do it... why do you do it?? If you can sit in church and nod your head in agreement of the word then go do the opposite and say oh I can do it and God will forgive me..why bother? Try to do it up right the first time. We all make mistakes and again no one is perfect but we can try to do our best to obey God right? In Bible study we talked about faith and its work. What good is faith when you have no works? When I gave myself to the Lord I gave up the old. I changed the way I thought and the things I did. I don't listen to the same music as I did and I don't have some of the same friends. The old me is gone. I'm not perfect by no means but I do try. When the Holy spirit tells me I am about to do something wrong...I listen. I do my best to be obedient. I stumble and sometimes I fall but I try to do my best to be what God wants me to be... let's think about things before we do it..if you know it is wrong...then don't do it. Do your best to be who God wants you to be and do your best to do the things God wants you to do.

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