Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bee Blessed !

As some of you know..I have been interested in beekeeping. I have ordered many catalogs and done so much research and I think I am ready. I will order my stuff and be ready for spring. Wish me luck! I was lucky to get a shot of one honey bee sitting on the tip of my finger. I spend time in the afternoons with them and watch them feed and fly. They seem to not mind as I watch. I usually sit about 2 feet away and enjoy. Some will land on me and walk up my arm and others will fly around me. I keep the feeders filled with sugar water and sometimes it takes 3-4 fill ups!! This is going to be an interesting and exciting hobby!! I asked God for honey bees and Boy! Did He give me plenty! They come in swarms now! Lord, I praise you for this blessing!


Luanne Gibbons said...

God Luck Jen with this new hobby. I am sure God is really going to provide all you need. Hugs Luanne x

Jennifer said...

Thank you! If this is what He wants me to do so shall it be!