Monday, August 17, 2009


Glory be to God! Zachary got baptized yesterday at church. I am so proud of my son wanting to follow in the path of God. He wants to be involved in the church and he wants to do everything to glorify God. It means so much to see a young person want to do right in this world and be a shining light for the Lord!
Non-believers have taken God out of schools, the government and Lord only knows where else they are heading. Lord, have mercy for nonbelievers for they do not yet know of your love. I pray they seek You and ask You into their hearts. I for one will not sit down and be quiet. God made me to be a shining light in this dark world. So many people will not speak or witness to others about God because they think they will offend. If you are afraid to stand up for Jesus Christ and what you believe in then you have major issues...Faith without works MEAN NOTHING! I will not shut up. I will continue to glow as God wants me to.
Now is the time to get right or get left.......Amen!

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