Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Can I have just a few minutes of your time? ~GOD

God wants a little bit of our time so He can share with us His love and His words. Tonight in discipleship class we talked about being diligent and disciplined. There are four steps in completing a course of action: desire, decision, determination and discipline. Consider a person who desires to meet with God before going to work. he realizes that in order to do so he must get up early so he decides to get up at 6:30am. The next day he oversleeps because his desire and his decision by themselves could not get him out of bed. He then determines to use an alarm clock to help him get up. But the real test comes when the alarm goes off. Discipline must come into focus. He must shut off the alarm clock and choose not to go back to sleep. Good habits can be developed as a result of consistent discipline. Consistency requires trust in the strength God gives. It involves heart, thought and effort on a daily basis. Jesus Christ gave all His love and all His time to die on the cross for us; we owe it to Him to give Him our time and our love. Make no excuses on why you can't spend time with God in any situation. God doesn't give you excuses and He is always there for you. Why can't you be there for him? Don't let it be too late.

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