Tuesday, January 27, 2009

YAY!!!!! How ya like me now!

Well I am very happy. I have lost more weight. I am not afraid to say but I weight 154! That's a lot coming from 184. I have been doing my nightly ritual of "belly dancing" 2x a night and cutting back on what I eat....no M & M's in 3 weeks. I feel so awesome! I am a working to be a healthy weight and I am doing very good. I have fast against fast food since the first of the year..poor McDonald's is losing money. hahahaha.
I promise I will have pics up soon..as soon as I figure out how to put them on here. Tootles!


arlandlady said...

You're doing great, Jen! That gives me the incentive to keep going on my weight loss. I haven't lost that much yet, but working on it. I'm older, so it will take longer to get the weight off. Keep me posted on how you're doing. I'm proud of you!

Jennifer Hunter said...

Thank you sooo much! I feel a lot better. Stress was a lot of my weight gain. With God's help...I am too blessed to be stressed!