Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cheap! Thank you God!

My friend Lynn called and told me the new gas station (Murphy's gas) on #9 was selling gas for 97 cents for their grand opening, so heck yeah I went to check it out. OMG!!! The line was so long you could not even get onto the bypass. I came back home and waited and went back...filled my car up for almost nothing and they gave everyone a free case of water. How nice.... If only I could store gas...hmmm....I told some other people and they have gone to fill up. That helped a lot of people who are short on cash and needed gas. God is good- All the time!
To add...I stopped by another store and got a hotdog, when I came out I noticed I had parked my car on a $100 bill...YAY!!! Thank you Jesus! See God will give back when he sees you do good and knows that your heart is filled with Him. You just can't do something and expect to get something in takes more than that baby!

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