Friday, September 18, 2009

New beginnings and the praise goes to Lord!!!

In the past month, my life had changed BIGTIME! I cleaned house and cleaned out my life. Sometimes you just to let go and let God. Out with the with the good! So many things are opening up for me and all I can say is thank you Lord! I'm excited for what God has opened up for me and what He has in store for me. Lord, no matter what I will not fall and I will always stay faithful and obedient! My enemies will stumble and fall at my feet! Thank you, Lord for protecting me and giving me the wisdom I need to get through life. No matter how hard the rain falls- I will stand strong! I will continue to shine in this world!


Connie Arnold said...

It's often amazing what will happen when you let go and let God! May the Lord give you the strength you need and help you to shine!

Jennifer said...

Amen Connie! Sometimes the things in your life have to go...and unfortunately the people who drag you down have to go sometimes. God is good! All the time! With the Lord I will be a shining light and hopefully I can lead others. I tried to do this with a friend of mine and well everything I said offended her. Someday she will see what it's all about..right now I will pray and love at a distance..