Sunday, September 6, 2009


Something has been eating at me for a lil while now and I have prayed about it and I feel God wants to me to address because this is a ongoing issue all over...Why are there so many people who only go to church for the social status? They go for hook ups or just to hang out. As my Pastor Russell put it~ CHURCH IS NOT A CLUB! Its not just to go out to eat or hang with friends or make new ones its spending time in the word of God and fellowship. Its wonderful to go to church but don't go for the wrong reasons. When you go to church you are making a commitment to God. I know there are circumstances where going can be blocked such as sickness and death but anything else is no excuse. You know what time it starts so why not arrange your stuff around it and make sure people know going to church is a commitment you have made to God. A lot of people are missing the point of going to church. I know it does not take going to church to get you into heaven but don't make coming to church a way to increase your social status. It's wrong. People wonder why things are falling apart in their lives and wonder why when they pray God doesnt answer. If you don't give God time what more can you expect......? God has so much to offer.

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