Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Honey where are you???

The other day my mom calls me outside to show me bees on the hummingbird feeder. Well I thought it was going to be bumble bees or yellow jackets but it was honey bees! More than a dozen of them flying around. This was so cool. As some of you know I would love to become a beekeeper and have been reading up on it. My son was laughing telling me " You wanted honey bees...you got them!" I sat for a while and watched them fly around and well I had to be daring and brave. I poured hummingbird nectar in the palm of my hand and what do you know!!! Several flew on my hand and drank the nectar. Yes, I know...I'm crazy! For the past two days the bees have been coming back to drink. We keep fresh nectar around and I have spotted some of the bees taking up on some flowers. Now if I can only find the hive..maybe there is some honey....?

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