Saturday, June 6, 2009

So proud!!

My son graduated from elementary June 2nd. Today he got the rest of his awards in the mail. They consisted of Honor Roll, A.C.E, President's Award, Computer Award, Duke University to name a few. I am so proud of him. I was talking to a friend of mine about Zach and she said I have done a good job of raising him. I think so myself and I have God to thank for that! Being a single mom is tough but its a rewarding job. I love my son and I want the best for him! The summer is going to filled with so much stuff to do along with the mini road trips we have planned. He will taking some distance learning courses from Duke. Busy he will be. I just can't believe my baby is growing up. High School is around the corner...then college. He is growing up to be a good Christian man with good values. Thank you Jesus! I am very proud of him and look forward to seeing him succeed!


Curly Q. Freckles said...

Congrats to him. Picture Perfect can frame some of his awards. Tell Mark I sent you.

Jennifer said...

Thank you! I dont know where he gets it from..LOL. Didnt realize til the other night he can play the flute! He was playing it so well and I thought it was on tv. LOL. Talented all the way around. I am looking into guitar lessons for him.